Understanding Bola Tangkas


Bola tangkas is a variant of Indonesian style poker. The game of poker has become ever more famous through globalization, and various parts of the world that have created specific and different kinds of the game have also made online casino versions. This meant greater popularity, rewards and competitions for all of the game versions, including Bola tangkas.

Bola tangkas has evolved into a type of video poker, and it is made available in an online format that has not just grown its own mystique, but has become an in-demand casino game, with innumerable devoted players in Indonesia.

Basics of the Game

The key premise of agentangkasnetterpercaya is to utilize all 7 cards which are dealt to every player, to produce the best poker combination possible. Unlike a lot of regular versions of poker and video poker games, Bola tangkas follows the five-card draw poker system, in which the player rejects two of the cards dealt. Bola tangkas is played on the web on a digital console about the size of a video poker or slot machine, but there are a few minor differences.

The history of Bola tangkas is primarily one of functionality rather than form. The game grew very popular in Indonesia in the 1980s for reasons similar to what made video poker such a big casino hit. Because it was a lot easier to access and way less intimidating than playing poker live at a physical casino, the computerized version became more attractive to players.For more facts and information about online casinos, you can go to http://www.ehow.com/how_2042009_win-casino-games.html.

These days, on top of the availability of this game on the web, Bola tangkas is still very popular in physical casinos, where the machines are king of the gaming floors – no different from video poker machine banks also dotting each brick-and-mortar casino. There are machines providing lower coin denominations too, and also slightly different odds and payouts.

Online Bola Tangkas

To play Bola tangkas online, the player deposits money in one of the Bola tangkas machines and hits the Deal button. Then he gets 7 cards. The player can review their hand and choose one or more cards, which they can exchange for new cards. The game uses one deck of cards, and two jokers. The player can switch jokers with any other cards to create a winning combination.

Pay Table Pay Outs

When the cards have been replaced, the player’s hand is assessed on regular poker principles, and paid out as per the particular pay table. This is obviously an extended pay table, requiring jokers to be incorporated, and hence includes all the non-standard poker hands, like 5 of a kind and the adjusted odds. Casinos that offer bola tangkas online provide the game in a flexible format that works with all mobile operating systems, and there is no download or instant play.

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